Artificial grass

Artificial grass

Made with quality fibres, softness and easy recovery.

Quality artificial grass

Since 2005 Ferba has at your disposal a wide range of artificial grass models with an unbeatable value for money.

Our artificial grass models have a very soft and pleasant touch, ideal for contact with the skin. In addition, they have a very good footprint recovery capacity.

Made with quality fibers, softness and easy recovery.

Our collection is prepared to meet any type of demand and to solve each specific case of demand, be it for a private garden, a school, a swimming pool or even for public works.

You don’t know where and how to place the artificial grass? Don’t worry, our professionals with extensive experience in the sector are here to answer your questions.

Very good footprint recovery

Easy maintenance

Unbeatable quality

Projects made with artificial grass

These are some of the projects that have been carried out with artificial grass in different parts of Andorra.
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