Machinery for both, professionals, and individuals


We have machinery for both professionals, whether for construction companies, carpentry, or painters. In addition, we also have machinery for the home, for particulars who need to do DIY at home.

You will find electrical machinery, compressors, and a whole series of tools that give a wide range of possibilities for both DIY and professional finishes.

We have 2 of the most important brands in the sector, for years these brands have been with us and satisfy the needs of our customers. Always up to date with the latest news.


It provides us with the efficiency that every professional need and an excellent guarantee.


It gives us efficiency and experience in the area of machinery for painters, optimizing application time and with extraordinary finishes.

Our premise is to help you find the best machinery and accessories for your needs.

Quality machinery

Tailor-made advice

The best quality

The best machinery according to your need