PVC parquet

Good pavement

PVC parquet

There are many brands and models that we distribute. The most important thing is to know what you need and based on the needs we will choose the best solution.

Whether it is a business or a home, in Ferba, you will find the ease of choosing. We have samples to touch and feel, we also have a wide variety of designs.

The brands that we work with at Ferba offer guarantees of quality and resistance over time. These are GERFLOOR and TARKETT.

These pavements are ideal for areas where snow accumulates and also for rental houses where the owner does not have to be aware of the maintenance of his parquet

They are also ideal materials for sports complexes or nurseries and also in a wide range of public administration departments.

As you can see, there are many aspects to consider, do not hesitate to ask, our experts can help you.

At Ferba, our premise is to advise the client and know that, with so many measurements and thicknesses, it does not have to be a quick choice, but we will help you so that you do not make a mistake with the choice.

2 mm

Un paviment per posar a sobre de la ceràmica existent o a sobre d’un paviment de ciment, fàcil de col·locar i es una solució econòmica.

A floor to lay on top of existing ceramic tiles or on top of a cement floor, easy to install and an economical solution.

3,5 mm to 5 mm

This product is designed for both home and business, depending on the traffic we have, at Ferba we will advise you so that you have the peace of mind that you have made the right choice.

Less than 6 mm

With a 5mm thick subfloor it is a good solution for those who have a synthetic parquet and can change their floor with the security of having a waterproof floor.

Tips for choosing a good pavement

Depending on your need, the thickness of the parquet to choose will vary: